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    Application doesn't use MySQL Query Cache..

    Jay Choi Newbie

      Hi, all..

      First, here is the setting..
      - jboss3.2.5 on RedHat Linux 9
      - MySQL server 4.0.20-standard
      - Connector/J 3.0.14-production from MySQL
      - EJB application with all standard CMP, stateless sessoin beans

      Here is my problem..

      I'm using MySQL Administrator (1.0.9) program from MySQL to monitor
      the status of MySQL server and I notice that there is no activity for "Query Cache Hitrate" when I run my EJB application..

      However, I can see activities when I using Bugzilla which runs on the
      same server with same MySQL server..

      So, it doesn't seem like configuration problem of MySQL (of course I checked all the system variables such as 'have_query_cache', 'query_cache_type', etc)

      Can it be the Connector/J problem..?
      or did I missed any jboss settings..??