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    connectios are not returning to pool

    Prasad Kavuri Newbie

      Dear All,

      We are using JBoss and mysql, connectionpool we are using is
      JBossManagedConnectionpool. Normally it is working fine. But some
      times connections are not returning back to Connection Pool and it
      keep growing in 2-3 hrs. So once it happened the next request is not
      getting connection from connection pool , it just using the
      non-returned connection and we are getting SQL Exception i.e; SQL Error: 0 SQLState: 08S01 (since it is
      using the old (bad)connection).
      I have gone through the forum to check for related queries, but I was unlucky ..

      Your help is highly appreciatable ..

      Note: Connections InUse is growing when multiple requests are issued at same time and only one connection was returning back. And once after this scenario single request connectios also not returning back (some times only).

      Thanks in advance,