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    Nested EJB calls and the infamous ClosingConnection error: I

    squeak Newbie

      I am currently using OJB as our persistence mechanism.

      I have configured OJB successfully to take part inside of the JTA-TX that are dicated by my TX affinity declarations for my EJB methods. Everything works the way it is suppose to, except we get the "Closing a connection for you" warning given a certain scenario.

      The idea is that due to the way that OJB handles it's Broker and Connection pooling, a connection that is created in a top-level EJB call can be closed in a call from a secondary, nested EJB call.

      There is confusion as whether the way OJB is handeling it is accurate, or if it is an issue with JBoss.

      Here is a link to a more detail-description of the issue given by one of the developers of OJB.


      Can someone tell me if this to be expected?

      BTW, I am using 3.2.5 and seeing the issue.