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    Jdbc connection pool in Jboss 3.2.3

    Bhavesh Shah Newbie

      Hi Jboss Gurus,
      I am Newbie to Jboss and planning to migrate from WebLogic 6.1 to Jboss 3.2.3. I Have couple of questions:
      With current weblogic we are using Oracle 8i Database.
      1) I have exsisting web.xml (weblogic ) has following parameters set:
      what will be the corrosponding Jboss db.url paramaeter?
      2) How do i setup Oracle DB connection pool in Jboss?
      3) I have configured oracle-ds.xml to point to correct DB SID and username/password and copied i to deploy directory under server/default as below:

      I have put jndi-name as fteDBSource as my weblogic config.xml shows:
      <config.xml> - weblogic
      MaxCapacity="10" Name="fteDBPool"

      Is this correct? or any other place i have to setup jndi-name?
      Also where do i specify fteDBPool in Jboss?

      Any Help will be greatly appreciated. I just installed Jboss and preety much new to this. I would greatly appreciate if someone can guide me.
      Thanks in Advance