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    Did Last Resource Gambit make it into 4.0?

    squeak Newbie

      I remember reading about LRG being avaiable in 4.0, and am curious if that was in fact true.

      I have a situation where I am using an MSSQL driver in a local-tx-datasource. I have a couple of spots where in the same TX I am doing a db save, and placing a message on a JMS queue.

      With this setup, and 4.0, I am still geting the famous "Prepare called on a local tx." message. I know why I am getting this message. I guess I assumed with the LRG, and my local JDBC datasource being the only non-XA able resource, that I would no longer get that message.

      Are my expectations wrong? Do I need to change my datasource config to an XA datasource, even it is not capable?

      I can live in the warning message, but I want to verify that in this situation I am in fact getting my JDBC driver to the swing point in the TX save.

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          squeak Newbie

          Well, after digging some more I can see that, yes in fact LRG is being used.

          Problem is: my DS is not the only LocalResource -- seems that the DefaultDS (HsqlDbRealm) is also a local DS, so I have 2 non-XA resources.

          The warning was coming from DefaultDS. not my DS.

          Now, I just need to figure out if that is a real issue (I assumed that JMS uses DefaultDS to manage it's TX's and storage)