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    Problems under heavy production load

    Darren Senel Newbie


      I am hoping someone can help out with a problem we are experiencing in production under heavy load. We get the "no managed connections available" error show up and we cannot determine the cause.

      We have checked our code numerous times for connection, statement and resultset closing in try..finally blocks. We have no static connection variables in any of our code.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      One thing we do have set is in deploy/transaction-service.xml. Debug is set to true. Could this be the cause of our connection leak ?

      We are using JBoss 3.2.5, Oracle 9i, Thin client (ojdbc14.jar) and we have a Solaris Unix OS.

      Many thanks for any help.


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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          We encountered the same "connection leak" problem with JBoss 3.2.5 and after hours of debugging found a synchronization bug within the MangedConnectionPool code....

          This bug has been fixed in the CVS, so build a JBoss3.2.6RC2 right now from the CVS or wait until JBoss 3.2.6 release scheduled for 9th october.


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            Timur Snoke Newbie


            What this issue address in 3.2.6? We are running JBoss 3.2.6 under heavy load with 1.5GB for the JVM and finding that the JVM heap keeps growing and we are having to reboot the servers daily to keep from having JBoss generate out-of-memory errors.

            We have set the acccept count to 10 and the max processes to 300, our model has the average user spending 3 minutes to access a series of 12 web pages without heavy graphics (pulling a total of 45kB of data). The load is distributed among 3 machines, averaging 5% CPU Utilization and the JVM heap is growing 50MB every hour while 300-400 users are completing the process every minute.

            Where can we start to look for answers?

            thanks in advance,