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    How to make connection? One application with 2 or more Datab

    Yusman Newbie

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for the hint!

      Yes, this action is a part of standard MVC framework and is invoked by a secured servlet (FORM-based authentication).

      I've posted my EJB and Web deployment descriptors in the Internet: http://www.chat.ru/~kazarena/dd.zip.

      Could you please take a quick look to find out if there's anything in there, which is fine for Jboss 3.0.4, but doesn't work in Jboss 3.2.3?

      Your answer explains why I'm getting a proper Principal in the first EJB, but tt's still a mistery to me, how I can get to EJB layer (which means: to pass the EJB security restrictions, defined in my ejb-jar.xml, check the roles), but get stuck inside EJB layer (when invoking the second bean) with security violation.

      I would really appreciate it, if you could take a look at the descriptors.