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    questions about DataSource.getConnection(user,pwd) implement

    davidchen Newbie

      Hi, there:

      I'm using jboss2.4.8, oracle 9i, having a datasource bound to jndi name like "defaultDS". However, for some reason, in my code, I have to using getConnection(userName, password) to get connections from the datasource for different database users.
      So, my question is, in Jboss connection pool, does jboss maintain those connections for different database users in the same connection pool? and distinguish them by user name and password when getConnection(user, pwd) is called? or does jboss create new database connection everytime when getConnection(user,pwd) is called?
      Just wonder if any overhead implementation may cause performance issue when getConnection(user,pwd) is called.

      Thanks a lot in advance if any clues.

      David Chen