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    Max connections limit?

    Jörgen N Newbie

      I have searched the JBOSS-forums regarding JCA, but I cannot find a complete answer on my issue.

      Our EIS allows us to connect to it with specified number of connections (90). I need a way to make sure that the number of managed connections to our EIS are no more than this specific number. I thought that this number was stated by the max-pool-size element in the *-ds.xml file, but after some testing i figured that it is not. Is the max-pool-size the number of managed connections that may be in use by JCA clients simultaneosly?

      If so, is it possible to fasten up the cleanup of connections that are idle when I reach this number? I saw in the forum that I could throw an exception when I reach the number, but I rather would like to release some of the idle connections first since not all possible connections to the EIS are busy. (some of them are waiting to time out and they are not correctly matched so they are not returned)