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    How to configure the transaction timeout on an XAResource?

    Chalakanth Reddy Newbie

      We use JBoss 3.2.3 and SQL Server 2000 at the back, through Microsft's SQL Server JDBC driver.

      The most recent service pack of the driver, 3a, has some functionality that we want to use. It is now possible to set a transaction timeout on the database, through the setTransactionTimeout method of the XAResource interface.


      Is there some way for me to specify this timeout in the data source related configuration files in JBoss. I looked at the jboss-ds_1_0.dtd, and did not find anything. The XAResource is not exposed to the client and the transaction timeout I set for the transaction manager does not seem to be passed on to the XAResource.

      Any help is appreciated.