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    Datasource failover with MySQL?

    Terry Ray Newbie


      I am trying to set my datasource up so that if my primary database server goes down, the datasource will use the backup server. I am using:

      jboss-3.2.5 (default config)
      red hat ews 3.0

      Here is the snippet from my datasource config file (mysql-ds.xml):


      I have tried using different connection-url parameter values (with and without the port numbers, etc) and some of the available options such as autoReconnect=true on the url. I have even tried the latest "development" version of the mysql connector which is supposed to have an autoReconnect for connection pools. But, still no luck.

      For my test, I start with the two database servers running. I start using my jboss app, then shutdown the localhost instance of mysql. When jboss goes for another connection, I get the following exception:

      Communication link failure: java.io.EOFException, underlying cause: null

      It looks to me that the connection pool is holding these closed connections. As a test, I pulled up the ManagedConnectionPool for my datasource using the jmx-console and invoked the flush() method. After doing this, jboss rebuilt the connection pool with connections from the other (back-up) server and everything was cool.

      My questions are:

      1. I am missing something on the failover settings at the datasource level?
      2. Assuming #1 just won't work the way I expected, is there a way to get a JNDI reference to the ManagedConnectionPool for my datasource so that I can trap the exception in my connection manager class and invoke the flush() method so the pool will be rebuilt?

      Any help is appreciated. Much thanks.