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    Oracle 9i getConnection() using XA Driver takes long time...

    sloke Newbie


      We are using Oracle 9i ( with JBoss 3.2.5. We are using the JDBC driver ojdbc14.jar.

      We observed that the time taken for DataSource.getConnection() is not consistent. It ranges between 20 milli seconds to 22 seconds.

      By enabling some debug and trace levels in JBoss we narrowed down the delay to be happening on OracleXAResource.start() call. There is no load on the database server. We had only 2/3 connections open to the database at a time.

      Can you let us know if this is a known problem and how to get around it?


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          Shaun Appleton Newbie

          I have found a similar thing using the latest Oracle 9.2 driver (the version of ojdbc14.jar) and 3.2.7 when running under HP-UX 11i and Oracle was running on the same machine. Waiting for a connection takes upto 75 secs.

          Strangely, this does not occur when running the same code on a Windows XP machine and pointing the database to the HP-UX machine. Or running JBoss and Oracle on the same XP machine.

          I thought upgrading to the latest driver would solve this, unfortunately it hasn't.