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    Delays observed servicing connection requests from pool with

    Randal McDonnell Newbie

      AFAIK, jsr88 support is not feature complete. If you look into the implementation it comes down to using the MainDeployer's deploy(URL)/undeploy(URL) methods for deploying modules that exist on the local filesystem.

      Something that maybe interesting but I don't know how it could be made is to use jsr88 for managing jboss services. The problem here is that each service (mbean) has different configuration, in constrast to say ejb-jar.xml that has a fixed format.

      So, I've experimented with a new DeploymentService
      that primarily lets you create your own services.

      There are a couple of missing features, like uploading a module or providing a synchronous(i.e. blocking) deploy/undeploy. The uploading will probably come from the remoting framework.

      Maybe this could be used as a back-end to jsr88.