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    Principal Mapping for JCA Authentication

    Frank Griffin Novice

      I apologize if this is covered elsewhere, but I've been through the 3.2.6 Admin guide and the jca examples and DTDs, and I can't seem to find this...

      How do you implement 1-1 Principal Mapping from a caller principal to a resource principal for connectors in JBoss ?

      The JCA spec seems to imply that you do it by using a JAAS login module that takes an incoming Subject containing the caller principal and adds a PasswordCredential with the resource principal.

      Some forum comments seem to suggest that this isn't really a connector issue, and that you need support in login-config.xml as well as in ra.xml.

      What I can't put together out of all this is:

      1) How exactly do you tell JBoss that your RA wants an incoming Subject with a resource principal ?
      2) How exactly do you tell JBoss how to map from the caller principal to a resource principal ?

      Thanks for any clarification you can offer. Almost all of the examples I could find deal with many-to-one mappings.