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    Problem with Polish language (jboss 3.2.5)

    Antonio Newbie


      I want to create a website in Polish language I switched charset to
      ISO-8859-2 in my jsp and everything seems to be correct.
      Unfortunately, there is a problem with saving data into the database (we are using DB/400 on iseries AS/400) When I submit from the web
      something with polish signs, they are replaced in the database with &#xxx; (were xxx is some number) (in
      page content), Do you know any solution? (I tried already
      with UTF-8, but nothing helps.
      Application is running on JBOSS 3.2.5

      Is this jboss problem or should I look somwhere else???

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          Andrew Hancock Newbie

          I have experienced a similar problem on our ISeries converting a £ to $ and vice versa. The problem was caused by our application using CCSID 285 UK English, but the batch job that updated the data switched to the iSeries base CCSID of 37 US English. We are using locales because the iSeries serves the whole of europe.

          I would suggest checking the CCIDs used in all parts of your application:-

          Base CCSID of iSeries
          CCSID of iSeries data file/table and field including any temporary files, etc.
          CCSID of the job writing the data.