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    How to package the ds.xml file

    netsteven Newbie

      [JBossAS 4.0.1 is the environment]

      In our project we deploy the connector (rar file) as part of our enterprise application (ear). We have a datasource file -ds.xml hosting the configuration information (such as jndi name and connection factory). It includes an entry that ties itself to the rar:
      This ds.xml, along with the rar file is at the root of unzipped ear file.
      In addtion, I need to add an module in jboss-app.xml

      This make the deployment smooth and successful.

      But I am wondering if this is THE proper way of packaging resource adapter. I think ideally the ds.xml file can be shielded inside the rar file, but maybe it is a false intention ...

      Any ideas? any documentation?