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    Network problems: their effect on connection pooling?

    Filippo Di Natale Newbie

      we have an application running on jboss that had no problems for one month.
      Lately we have network problems that we are diagnosing.
      However it looks like the connection pooling configured via JCA is really sensitive to this.
      We receive the infamous:
      No ManagedConnections available ...
      Exception, and looking in the jmx console shows that the available connections are 0 - looks like it's impossible to get them back in the pool for some reason, even if they're "closed".
      We tried to validate the connections via some simple sql statement, the problem still persists.
      It looks like the info in the faq does not apply.
      My question is, how sensitive to network problems the pooling is? Does anybody have any idea on how to make it more resistant to this kind of problems, since it looks like it's not an application problem (no closed connections, etc. - it was running fine before)?
      Should I post this in some developer related forum?
      Thank you,