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    JBoss 3.2.3 / Oracle / JDBC/ blank username and pass

    Dan Hobbs Newbie

      Hello there.

      Relative newbie to JBoss desperately seeking advice...!

      We have a client with a Windows NT 4 client running JBoss 3.2.3 (JDK 1.3.1)

      The target DB is Oracle running on Linux.

      I have an EJB which uses JDBC to connect to the database. The EJB works with no problems (on my PC here) connecting to MSSQL2000 (with config in mssql-ds.xml).

      On the client's JBoss deployment, I have put in an oracle-ds.xml with the relevant connection-url, user-name and password set.

      The EJB initiates a JDBC connection but the Oracle server returns an invalid username/password error, because the username and password are coming through blank (I am told this by their Oracle admin).

      I have used classes12.zip (also tried renaming to .jar) which is in the server/default/deploy/lib folder. I also tried using ojdbc14.jar with JDK 1.4.2 and I received the same error.

      Any advice or pointers greatly appreciated.



      P.S. I am at liberty to use a different version of JBoss, but I am told there are compatibility issues with Oracle JDBC drivers and Oracle 8i - which I can't ask them to change! :-)

      P.P.S. I have a very nerve-wracking trip to the Netherlands tomorrow to do this so if anyone has any ideas for me to pursue please don't hold back! :-)