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    JCA : How to call getWorkManager method

    christophe christophe Newbie


      I read the JCA specification and I test the example (chapter 7) from the JBoss Documentation. I don't understand how start a Work because I don't find the way to call the getWorkManager method.

      I think, there is something that I don't understand ?

      Can you help me?


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          Adrian Brock Master

          I think you guys need to understand that this is the JBossJCA forum,
          where is your *JBOSS* issue?

          It is not the I don't understand (can't be bothered reading) the spec forum.
          Go fill up Sun's j2ee forums if you think the spec is unclear.

          This is the only time I'm going to answer this, so I'm going to help the
          search function:


          public class TestResourceAdapter implements ResourceAdapter
           public void start(BootstrapContext ctx) throws ResourceAdapterInternalException
           WorkManager wm = ctx.getWorkManager();
           wm.doWork(new MyWork());