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    RMI Server and JCA

    Hamdy Farid Newbie

      Finally we decided to move to the J2EE land but we have so many logic and code that live in the java domain and running as RMI servers

      I would like to integrate these servers in my AS in a clean way so my new AS based application can take advantage of them

      Can you please recommend a way for the integration based on JCA and if possible an example of how to do it ... Thanks

      So far I thought of the following options:
      - leave it as it's and connect to it in the normal way (as in RMI) with no need for JCA
      [please if you notice an error in my usage of "managed" and "unmanaged" in the JCA domain please correct me (I am still getting confused)
      - Write a conneter for "unmanaged" EIS [very similar to option 1 but I could not find any example for how to do such thing]
      - Extract the code in my application server and create a java object to access the logic and build a connetor for "managed" EIS

      Thanks for help