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    AvailableConnectionCount - Leak

    John Tsimikas Newbie

      I am running ver 3.2.5 of JBOSS.

      I am noticing that the AvailableConnectionCount keeps dropping.
      Seems like I lose about 10 connections per day.

      I have the max connection set for 150.

      Eventually, the number drops to 0.

      At this point, I get a message "No ManagedConnections available within timeout"

      I have to restart JBOSS to fix the problem, at this point
      the AvailableConnectionCount is approx. 146.

      I do not get an warning message indicating connections were left open
      and that JBOSS will close them automatically.

      I have gone thru the code on multiple occasions and made sure all connections are closed. Using try .. finally blocks where needed.

      Will setting debug to false in transaction-service.xml fix this problem?

      Do I need a newer version of JBOSS? Has this been addressed in
      a newer version of JBOSS?