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    JCA as a means to a JNI end

    bmargulies Newbie

      If I'm reading the situation aright, JCA is the only standardly deployable J2EE thing that can use native code. I have a read-only, sizable, resource on my hands that must be accessed via JNI. In Plain-Old-Tomcat, I just defined a custom bean factory and advertised it in the JNDI namespace via the thing, and then ResourceLink'ed it into webapps. Looking about, it looks as if the 'standard' J2EE thing to do would be to set up a very minimal JCA adapter. The whole record/transaction interface is 100% stupid for what I'm doing, but I suppose I could have a single 'Record' to be read that delivered a reference to the object that provided the real API.

      Do I have alternatives? Are MBeans another flavor of thing that can have native code?