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    Using 3 Oracle Drivers on One Server ... Can it be done ...?

    piratepete Newbie


      I need to deploy two datasources one 8.1.7 oracle driver called oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.class and a 10G driver of the same package and classname.

      I have tried EAR scoped loading of the driver jars and the -ds.xml ...the problem is that the three JCA mbeans are created by a scanned xml file and created under the server's parent loader.

      Can someone tell me how I can create an EAR with the driver jars, and the service descriptor to create the ManagedConnectionPooler, etc. ...etc. so that I can have two JNDI datasources ...e.g. OneDS and TwoDS to call where OneDS uses the 8i driver and TwoDS uses the 10G driver.

      Can this be done? I'm sure it can, but I've been unable to create the ManagedConnectionFactory. I can create two of the needed connection pooler pieces, but not the factory.

      There's the challenge, two isolated Oracle drivers, pooled, managed, and JNDI available.