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    getConnection from pool

    Omri Kessel Newbie

      I ran a profiler on a test ejb that in a loop call Datasource.getConnection
      after each getConnection I closed it.

      for 100 getConnections the garbage collector threw 13,000 allocated in WrappedDataSource.getConnection (I don't have more stack information :-( )
      for 1000 getConnections the garbage collector threw 450,000 allocated in WrappedDataSource.getConnection

      the database is MySQL and configured with pool size of min=max=100

      all the getConnections are in the same transaction and JBoss succeeded to understand this fact and return a previously acquired ConnectionListener yet the amount of memory consumption is huge and its escalating

      The JBoss version is 4.0.1 with Java 5
      The machine used was a P4 3.4Ghz with 1G DDR2 533

      It seems that for a pooled connection . the memory consumption during the process of getting the connection is way to high

      I am in the process of trying to figure out what is the cause such a behavior if someone already understand what can lead to this consumption please let me know and save me the time.
      If I will figure out what cause it I'll post my finding here