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    Question concerning treeModel/TreeModelDemo

    Matthias Graehn Newbie


      I tried the snapshot of the richfaces demo and the treeModelDemo as well.
      It works really nice, thanks for your great work.

      Is there any documentation to the treeModel I could not find something
      about it in the Developer Guide yet.

      Also it seems that the treeModel comes apart the other components cause
      there are some extra jars in the WEB-INF/lib dir in treeModelDemo:
      core-3.1.0.jar, tree-3.1.0.jar and treeModel-3.1.jar.

      This is not like the jars in the richfaces demo. How will this be handled in
      future relaeses. Will the tree and the tree model be included into the
      richfaces-ui.jar? And are there any problems if I use the
      richfaces-ui-3.1.0.jar and the tree-3.1.0. jar together?