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    Exception JCA=>EJB

    Aravind Kumar Newbie

      Hello all,

      I get this strange behaviour. The scenario: Session bean accessing Resource Adapter. The RA throws an exception. But the exception is never caught by the Session bean method.

      Snippet from Session Bean:

      public void put(Attachment attachment) throws de.coryx.cpt.PlatformException {
       try {
       * BL
       } catch (de.coryx.cps.cfs.CfsException ex1) {
       throw new de.coryx.cpt.PlatformException(ex1);
       } catch (Exception ex) {
       System.out.println("Exception class ==>> " + ex.getClass().getName());
       throw new de.coryx.cpt.PlatformException(PlatformException.REASON_RUNTIME, ex);

      If something goes wrong at the resource adapter, de.coryx.cps.cfs.CfsException is thrown and not any other exception.
      But i get the following STDOUT at the JBoss console:

      [STDOUT] Exception class ==>> de.coryx.cps.cfs.CfsException

      Though the exception is CfsExcecption, its not caught at the right place.

      Any reply is appreciated.