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    Directory paths parsed wrongly under Windows

    Szymon Dembek Newbie

      I'm playing a bit with Embedded Derby database.

      Almost everything seems fine, but I have some problems when deploying a XA datasource:

      <xa-datasource-property name="DatabaseName">directory:${jboss.server.data.dir}${/}derby${/}derbyDB</xa-datasource-property>

      The problem is with the db path I have to pass to the XADataSource (DatabaseName xa-datasource-property)

      When I pass it in the form as above, the path is wiped off the backslashes. The workaround is to supply full system path (no jboss.server.data.dir variables) with double backslashes or single slashes, for example




      But it is very inconvienient to write the whole system path in conf XML, I'd like to use jboss.server.data.dir variable.

      Is it a bug or is there possibly a way to pass the path correctly using jboss system variables?