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    How to use selected tab attribute?


      How to use aelected tab attribute in the rich:tabPanel.
      I am getting no active tabs error.

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          Florian Duehring Newbie

          Can please give more detailed informations.
          What exactly is your problem, what doesn't work and what do you mean with

          no active tabs error
          Actually i think it's good when you get no erros ;)...

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            moldovan Newbie

            I think you are getting this error because no tab with the specified name, which you are defining in the selectedAttribute can be found!

            Use the name-Attribute from the <rich:tab>-Tag to define the tabname


            <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax" valueChangeListener="#{panelTabLoader.processValueChange}" selectedTab="productinfos" >
             <rich:tab id="accountinfos" label="#{messages.custdisplay_tab_accountinfo_label}" name="accountinfos" >
             <rich:tab id="productinfos" label="#{messages.custdisplay_tab_produktinfo_label}" name="productinfos" >

            Hope, this helps!