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    resource adapter won't register

    Joerg Knobloch Newbie


      since I didn't find anything in the faqs, wiki and forums, I try my luck here.
      I built a jca connector to access a system library using jni (the jni part works when used in a standalone application). But when I try to deploy, the resource adapter tells me that it will not be registered (no exceptions before):

      2005-07-26 18:52:33,728 INFO [org.jboss.management.j2ee.ResourceAdapter] Registration is not done -> stop

      I already tried several tutorials found on the internet and tried to set up the LoanApp example from the book MasteringEJB (yes, I added the -ds.xml) but without any luck. Changing log levels didn't bring enlightment either.

      Does anyone have an idea, what I might have overlooked? I'm getting pretty desperate, since I need this implementation for an university project.

      Thanks a lot, Joerg