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    <rich:tab> minimum labelWidth

    Lars Orta Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I've searched the forums and the web but couldn't find an answer so here I go:

      I need to set the width of a <rich:tab> to a fixed size. This can be achieved by the attribute labelWidth. This works as expected as long as one specifies a length greater than the minimum (internally calculated by RichFaces).

      There seems to be always a padding of 10px to the left and rigth of the tab label and I need to lower this to e.g. 5px or so.

      Does anyone know hwre I can make such an adjustment ?

      This sounds like not important but I would like to have tabs representing each letter of the alphabet and this makes the whole tabPanle way to big, so I cannot do this with the 10px padding :)

      Thanks in advance,