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    Datasource MBeans stop to answer for some datasources

    Karsten Wintermann Newbie


      I don't claim the following to be a bug in JCA or JMX. I'm posting this in order to find out if others have seen this behavior before and what they have found out about it.

      My current client uses an application that connects to several different datasources. After some time - sometimes several times a day - it happens that one of the datasources becomes inaccessible to the application. The database server itself can still be accessed by other tools. At the same time, the 3 JCA MBeans for this datasource (LocalTxCM, ManagedConnectionFactory, ManagedConnectionPool) also become inaccessible. That is, when you click on the MBean in the JMX Console, nothing happens. A remote JMX call also does not return. All other datasources and their MBeans are OK.

      The environment is JBoss 3.2.6, a custom developed O/R framework and Solid (www.solidtech.com) databases.

      Thank you for any input, Karsten