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    Bandwidth reduction with RichFaces.

    Richard Hardy Newbie

      I hope someone can help me. I am working on a project with RichFaces 3.0.1 where some of the users will use the web application over VERY low bandwidth connections.

      As a result I am now working on trying to provide a full interface to high bandwidth users, and a cut-down interface to low-bandwidth users.

      One concrete example of this is the use of the suggestion box component. By doing some network tracing, I see that if I use the rich:suggestionbox component in my pages, the web application causes the download of two extra files to the user's browser:


      I would like for these NOT to be sent to a user if they have a low bandwidth connection.

      To try to stop this download, I used:

      <rich:suggestionBox rendered="#{!sessionTracker.lowBandwidth}"/>

      on the suggestion box. This stops the suggestion box from appearing, but does not stop the .js and .xcss files from being sent to the browser.

      Can someone tell me how I might stop these files from being downloaded.

      Thanks in advance,