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    Container closes the Connection to early!

    Kai Schaumann Newbie

      Hi Forum,
      i have developed an inbound-outbound-RA wich sends me an String to an EchoServer und recieves the Echo also.

      My Sender in the Container is an SLSB an my Receiver is an MDB. For one direction only everything works fine. But when i try to recieve a String wich was send by the SLSB the Container try to close the Connection to early.

      I have implementet the TCP-Socket as Singleton so that Sender an Receiver use the same Instance of the Socket. On this background it is no good Idea to close this Soket befor receiving.

      How can i cut of my "Connection" used for sendig from my Socket i have to use also for receiving? My physical connection must be alive, but the logical one (used by the Sender) could be closed.

      Thanks for your hints...