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    Integratin of ActiveMQ with JBoss

    Saraswathi Selvaraj Newbie

      I tried integrating ActiveMQ with JBoss.
      I have deployed the activemq-ra-1.4.rar in the server\default\deploy directory.
      I have created an XML file specifying the Connection Factories and placed in the server\default\deploy directory.

      I created an web application in which the senderservlet sends a message to the queue & the receiverservlet message receives the message from the queue.

      The problem i'm facing here is that the senderservelt sends the message to the queue but the receiverservlet is not able to get the message.

      The URL which i have specified for establishing connection with the ActiveMQConnectionFactory is vm://localhost because when i use tcp://localhost:61616 it throws me an error message stating connection cannot be established.

      Can anyone help me in this issue?

      Thanks & Regards,