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    Connection not getting closed

    Rajesh J Newbie


      I have a datasource with the following properties


      On JBoss startup I can see there are 5 connections opened in the database (SQL Server)

      Now when I start my application, after just using 3 connections (run three queries with 3 different connection) the connection size in the DB has increased to 6 and it continues to increase, I have closed all the connections I am getting.

      This is causing the "No Managed Connection Available" error very soon, and everytime I have to restart JBoss.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this.

      Rajesh J

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          Hari Babu Nunna Newbie

          The problem for opening the connections is that even u access the Database or not the connections gets created by the min. no. of connection ie min-pool size. Once there are no any transactions on that connections then the Jboss closes the connections.. If they are not getting closed means. the problem is some where ur code has the connection object opened for you.... So plz check the code and also do let me know the version of JBoss ur using.......

          Thanks & Regards,
          Hari Babu Nunna...