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    mysql-ds.xml in my EJB-JAR

    Olexiy Prokhorenko Newbie


      I've got EAR with EJB-JAR inside and few Web applications.
      In EJB-JAR's META-INF/ I have mysql-ds.xml
      When I am deploying my EAR on JBoss 3.2.7 - MySQL's datasource successfully created. But when I am deploying on JBoss 4.0.3 SP1 - nothing happens. It just does nothing about it. Do I need to put it (datasource xml) to other place for JBoss 4.x? I do not want to put it to server/default/deploy, because this way it will be Server-wide datasource, but I need it only for my EAR. It needs to deploy right with it.

      Any suggestions? Thanks!!