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    Uses without session beans

    Jörg von Frantzius Newbie


      it would be nice if someone could give a statement whether the following is a supported scenario (either by spec and / or JBOSS ;)

      We're not using sessions beans, and we're using a JCA resource adapter (tx-connection-factory). The following steps are made:the cci.ConnectionFactory is looked up via JNDI
      a connection handle is obtained using getConnection() on the cci.ConnectionFactory, which in turn calls spi.ConnectionManager.allocateConnection()
      some non-transactional operations are performed on the connection
      UserTransaction.begin() is invoked
      the connection should be enlisted in the transaction.
      Unfortunately, step 4. does not enlist the connection in the transaction. If we first call UserTransaction.begin() and obtain the connection afterwards, the obtained connection is correctly enlisted.

      Shouldn't an existing connection be enlisted if a transaction is begun after the connection was obtained?

      Thanks for any information,

      I tried both <xa-transaction> and the default, and I set SpecCompliant to true for the org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.CachedConnectionManager mbean.