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    Custom naming of RARDeployment service


      I have deplyoed a RAR in a EAR and also a datasource that uses the RAR. Now the connection-factories/tx-connection-factory/rar-name element of the datasource references the RAR like "myapp.ear#myRA.rar". This is the name of the RARDeployment service. But I don't like it that it has to contain the EAR filename (is it the filename? can I change that maybe?).

      It would be nice if there was a way to explicitly define the name of the RARDeployment service that is created from a RAR file by the RARDeployer. A possibility would be to include configuration in jboss-app.xml of the containing EAR or in a jboss-*.xml of the RAR.

      I guess I can just as well put an MBean definition in a jboss-service.xml somewhere.