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    Oracle DS

    misge Newbie

      I have the following file deployed under deploy directory from JBoss and started up in an "all" configuration. The OS is a SUSE 9.3 and JDK1.5_06

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <!-- The minimum connections in a pool/sub-pool. Pools are lazily constructed on first use -->
       <!-- The maximum connections in a pool/sub-pool -->
       <!-- The time before an unused connection is destroyed -->
       <!-- NOTE: This is the check period. It will be destroyed somewhere between 1x and 2x this timeout after last use -->
       <!-- TEMPORARY FIX! - Disable idle connection removal, HSQLDB has a problem with not reaping threads on closed connections -->
       <!-- Uses the pingDatabase method to check a connection is still valid before handing it out from the pool -->
       <!-- Checks the Oracle error codes and messages for fatal errors -->
       <!-- sql to call when connection is created
       <new-connection-sql>some arbitrary sql</new-connection-sql>
       <!-- sql to call on an existing pooled connection when it is obtained from pool - the OracleValidConnectionChecker is prefered
       <check-valid-connection-sql>some arbitrary sql</check-valid-connection-sql>
       <!-- corresponding type-mapping in the standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml (optional) -->

      The datasource is depoyed and can see the JNDI name correctly. Every time that i'm trying to access the datasource i'm getting the following error:
      2006-06-05 11:45:00,018 INFO [STDOUT] ServiceFee Exception catched: javax.naming.ConfigurationException: Error reading application resource file [Root exception is java.io.IOException: Invalid use of destroyed classloader, UCL destroyed at:]

      I can access the DefaultDS but not this one from my MBean
      this is the code which i'm using:
      Context ctx = new InitialContext();
       System.out.println("Datasource set to:"+getDs());
       DataSource ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup(getDs());
       conn = ds.getConnection();

      do i need something else to configure in jboss?