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    JCA 1.5 shared libraries in JBoss 4.0

    Victor Trakhtenberg Newbie

      Hello all,

      I'm developing a resource adapter JCA 1.5 it runs in JBoss 4.0.
      This resource adapter contains some internal jar files.
      There's a web application that needs to use the classes from the internal jars.

      When I deploy the resource adapter in JBoss and then deploy my web application,
      the classes from internal jar are accessible for web application as well.
      This is good.

      The problem is that resource adapter contains other jars as well,
      for example commons-logging.jar, commons-......
      Now all those third party jars become available for all applications in this JBoss instance.

      For example if there's an application that uses commons-logging.jar from different version than my resource adapter,
      there may be a collision and this application may stop functioning.

      How can I solve this problem.
      From one side I want that internal jar files will be accessible to my web application,
      but from another side I need that the 3rd party jars will not override other applications.

      Thanks a lot.