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    Link between RAR Administered Object and <resource(-env)-ref

    Michael Grübsch Newbie

      On one side it is possible to declared administered objects in a ResourceAdapter deployment descriptor. On the other side you can use an administered object in an EJB.

      However, I miss the link between both sides. I tried <resource(-env)-ref> in the bean's deployment descriptor as well as the @Resource annotation on a bean's member field. In both cases an exception occured telling me that the referenced resource is not bound to JNDI.

      As far as I understand I could bind the administered objects to JNDI in my application code (not preferable) or could deploy a JBoss *-service.xml file which configures and binds my administered objects using MBeans. However, in both cases I have to do additional work. I could do this work with any object/service, not only with administered objects of a resource adapter.

      If explicit binding to the JNDI is required what is the in the ra.xml good for at all? If I have to care about binding it to JNDI who needs the information in ra.xml? What changes if the is left out?

      Thank you very much