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    Problem with tree-displaying in Opera

    Michi Hamlan Newbie

      I use a rich:tree in one of my sites. On the onLoad event of the body-tag, I expand the tree completely (so I completely rerender the tree).
      I do it this way:

      <body ... onLoad="bodyOnload()">
       <a4j:jsFunction name="bodyOnload" action="#{moduleServiceBean.expandModuleTree}" reRender="moduletree" />

      And in the bean-method I only call the queueExpandAll method of the tree-binded-object...

      It works perfectly in Firefox and IE, but I have some problems with Opera. Without the tree-expanding, it works, but when I expand the tree as described above, this happens:

      The tree is'nt displayed completely. The data for the tree is in the source, so it's just an displaying-problem... The style of the tree item has an min-width of 500px (as you can see on the picture). Is this an RF bug or how can I solve this problem?
      P.S.: This was tested with Opera 9.23