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    get connection took up to 67 seconds

    Joe Nguyen Newbie

      Jboss app server: 4.0.3
      I have a stateless session bean (SLSB) which contains a finder method. In this method, a connection is gotten from an oracle data source. To run a performace benchmark for 100 concurrent requests, I have set the max number of SLSB to 80, and the max number of connections to 100. To initialize jboss resources, I first ran 100 concurrent abitrary requests. JMX-console displayed the number of connection created was 90 and the number of available connections was 100. Then I ran another 100 concurrent requests and logged the time to get connection. What I saw was the time to get connection kept increasing from 3 seconds to 67 seconds. I don't know why it took too long to get a connection from the pool.