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    jbossjca-service.xml and DataSources

    Charles Crouch Expert

      I'm looking at a 4.0.3.SP1 JBoss AS install:
      1) Are there any settings defined in jbossjca-service.xml which a JDBC DataSource user would ever want to change?

      Or asked another way, would changing things like

      <attribute name="MaximumPoolSize">100</attribute> on jboss.jca:service=WorkManagerThreadPool or
      <attribute name="SpecCompliant">false</attribute> on jboss.jca:service=CachedConnectionManager

      in jbossjca-service.xml have any impact on how a DataSource works at runtime?

      What I'm looking at is if from a management perspective there needs to be any "containing" concept around DataSources. For example with JMS Queues and Topics you can configure things at their level, e.g. RedeliveryDelay. But you can also configure settings at the containing level of the whole messaging server, e.g. HighMemoryMark on jboss.mq:service=MessageCache. I'm wondering if there is some equivalent of this "container" for JCA DataSources.

      Thanks very much