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    connection.setAutoCommit(true) doesn't seems to bubble up th

    Dennis Angelo Newbie

      I have a no-tx-datasource in JBOSS 4.0.4 and I do the following:

      DataSource datasource = (DataSource) context.lookup("noTxDatasource")
      Connection connection = null;
      //do some stuff with connection

      if(connection != null){
      catch(SqlException e){
      //log warning


      The reason I'm calling the setAutoCommit(true) in the connection just before closing (or returning it to the pool) is that the Inet driver that I'm using seems to be opening a transaction after closing the connection (if autocommit is set to false). I inferred this because I debugged through the code and obtained a connection from DriverManager and inspected the autocommit flag and the open transactions in the database and after commit there is indeed a new transaction, but as soon as I have set AutoCommit back to true is closes the transaction.

      But my problem is doing this through JBOSS doesn't seem to work. I tried to set the AutoCommit back to true but looking at the database is still seems to appear the calling setAutoCommit(true) doesn't do anything because I still have an open transaction in the database.

      Can anyone help?