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    TrackConnectionByTx set true for local-tx-datasource thorws

    vladimir albis Newbie

      Hi, and thanks in advanced for your help.

      I'm using Jboss 4.0.4 and EnterpriseDB for my applications, and
      i have some problems when connecting to database, i find in


      "If I want to connect twice with different users the first connect works
      correctly but the second one throws an ResourceException
      Wrong credentials passed to getConnection!".

      "This problem is caused by the track connection by
      transaction processing.
      This overrides other pooling considerations.

      The second getConnection tries to use the same underlying
      as the first one. This fails because because the credentials
      are different."

      Question:¿can i set TrackConnectionByTx to false, for a local-tx-datasource?.