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    Is it a bug or design?

    wizzie Newbie


      I've been browsing throught the JCA code, and one place has attracted my attention in the

      We have the following classes:

      And the client class:

      So, starting from the RemoteSerializer: it has only few methods, however I can not really understand what they are going to do:
      RemoteSerializableInterceptor.shouldSerialize - checks if the object is not java.io.Serializeable... Suspicios I would tell, and would like to know why?
      And, my favorite:
      RemoteSerializableInterceptor.serialize(Object) - it is an intention to generate stack overflow in such a non-trivial way to recursivelly calling itself? If that is a bug and intention was to call serializeToByte(Object), then why it doesnt return SerializableWrapper class as I would suspect that, for simmetry, it should: deserialize(Object) actually requires SerializableWrapper as an input...


      PS. Sorry if it is a wrong place to post such messages (i.e. it should go to user forum). I don't think it's a bug as I do not know what the interface contract is (no javadocs).