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    Embedded RA

    Stefano Lallero Newbie


      I have created a Resource Adapter and I have packaged into an EAR. From what I understand, I have to deploy also a -ds.xml file to configure the connection factory, otherwise no connection could be made to the RA. But the RA should be used just by the ejb's in the EAR and I wonder if there's a way to configure the factory inside the EAR, without the need of the external -ds.xml file to deploy.


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          Weston M. Price Master

          You always have to deploy a *-ds.xml file. Where you put it is up to you. You can include it in the META-INF directory of your EAR file, however, I would not recommend doing this. The *-ds.xml file was meant to allow for dynamic reconfiguration of JCA adapters. Pooling parameters, config properties etc can all be modified on the fly when the *-ds.xml is external.

          Note, your adapter by default will only be bound into the java:/ namespace and is only available internally (ie not outside of JBoss). So, as far use is concerned only those application components deployed locally will have access to the adapter.