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    JBoss, JCA, and Siebel CRM?

    Alexander Sack Novice

      Anyone integrate with a Siebel CRM system using JBoss and some JCA connector? I have a potential project that I'm investigating and trying to see if I can use JBoss to integrate properly (EJB3 application talking to Siebel). Any advice would come much appreciated?

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          Weston M. Price Master

          I can't think of any issue as to why it wouldn't work if the RA is JCA compliant. Unfortunately, I don't know of any open source Siebel solution and I am not sure how Oracle handles distribution of the Siebel software (evaluation etc).

          I know that there is a Siebel JCA adapter being that WebSphere/Portlet stuff makes use of it. If you are able to try/test this and run into issues let me know. I would be interested in getting a standard configuration together for the examples.