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    JCA as a UDP interface (design query)

    Dan Newbie

      Hi all.

      I'm about to implement a Resource Adaptor to act as a UDP interface between an EIS and a J2EE application.

      The EIS currently broadcasts UDP packets requesting a service and expects UDP packets with the responses. It is an asynchronous system.

      Outside a JBoss environment I would implement Java inbound and outbound daemon threads. The former would listen to the UDP socket and delegate any requests to the business tier, and the latter would dispatch responses via UDP back to the EIS.

      However within JBoss, and according to J2EE 1.4, the best approach to implement this 'daemon' seems to be JCA 1.5.

      In this case my UDPResourceAdaptor would act as both inbound and outbound interface, delegating requests to MDBs and sending the responses via UDP.

      I just want a final sanity check before I start cutting the code. Is this the right design? If there is a better (simpler) alternative then I'd really like to hear about it.